airport taxiGoing away for the holidays? When using air travel, there are many reasons why it is a good idea to leave your car at home. With airport taxis, travel is more affordable. There’s the convenience of a door-to-door service, too.

When jetting off to other states, travelers often assume it is more convenient to take their own car. They don’t have to wait to be picked up or pay a driver. However, this belief can be a false economy and could end up costing more.

Private Travel is Convenient

According to 5 Bucks Pick Up, a local DC airport taxi and limo service company, riding a taxi is a better option than using your own car or taking the bus. The airport taxis take passengers right from their doorstep to the airport, hence the convenience. Passengers can also enjoy their privacy while on a trip by not having to share the vehicle with anyone else. The driver will arrive at a time they specify. The travelers won’t miss their flight because the bus was late, and they won’t have to stand in the rain as well, in case.

Airport Car Parking Can be Expensive

Depending on the airport, uninformed passengers may be charged up to $35 a day for parking their vehicle in the airport parking lot. It can be rather expensive if they are going to be away for several days.

Car Thefts are Possible

When leaving a car at the airport, theft, although unlikely, is possible. A pharmacist in George Town made the headlines when he returned home from holiday to find his car missing. Footage from the parking lot’s security cameras showed two men driving off in the car. It had been the second theft at the airport in a short time.  Considering this case, leaving the car locked in the garage sounds a lot safer.

Airport taxi service is a quick, affordable and less risky alternative to leaving the car at the airport. Using this service, travelers will be able to avoid huge, unexpected bills or nasty surprises when they arrive home from vacation.