Lists of languages on the computer screenThe question of whether local search engine optimization is important is outdated. The fact of the matter is, local SEO’s importance cannot be overemphasized in this day and age.

Here are some of the reasons your small business should focus on local SEO.

Exposure to your community

It is well and good to do business with anyone from any corner of the world, but it is also more important to focus on the area where you are, your community. There is no reason not to strengthen business with the community where your brick-and-mortar is.

There may be a large client base in your area, so why not tap it?

It teaches you more about your market

The more you focus on local SEO, the more you learn about your local market. For example, you found out that local customers like to interact with a website that uses their language.

You can hire professional translation services offered by firms such as Lingua Technologies International so your users can choose whether to use English or their language, say, Mandarin. This can sometimes make or break a business that’s effectively dwarfed by the competition.

Mobile and wearable devices

The growth of mobile and wearable devices has Google favoring websites that cater to the mobile audience and apps that people can take anywhere with them. It also has businesses scrambling to adjust to a world that’s more wirelessly connected.

Local SEO gives you a chance at the level that Google favors quite a lot: proximity. Algorithmic changes have made local SEO more powerful.

Double or triple your profit

You will have a hard time imagining the possibilities of making more with less if you do not engage with local SEO. Did you know that more than 70% of searches performed on mobile devices, and more than 60% done on laptops, do not lead to an online purchase? They result in offline purchases!

This only means that people would search for what they want online, and then if it were available at a nearby brick and mortar, they would rather buy it there.

With these facts your business if facing now, how can you not consider local SEO? It will make your business a lot more powerful, a lot more influential, if you do it right, and do it now.