One way to get your old car back on its wheels is to replace its malfunctioning car parts. This way you can save loads on a car replacement. What’s more, you can save money on the car parts if you buy them from car wreckers.

Car wreckers dismantle the old, damaged and used four wheelers and salvage and sell the parts that are still in working condition. This means that the car parts they offer are much cheaper than buying new ones.

While saving money is a big advantage you get with the wrecker, the only catch with buying a car part from a car wrecker is to find a reputable one. Otherwise, you would just be wasting money.

Buying genuine car parts from wreckers need not be complicated, nor should it be an exercise in ignorance. JTW Autoparts composed three tips to help you make a good choice.

1. Research Well

Do due diligence in your research. Find the most reliable car wreckers in your area either by browsing the Internet, or asking family and friends for referrals. You can also check your city’s yellow pages, or ads from newspapers and other postings around town.

When you search through the Internet, read customer reviews on relevant sites as these will give you a good insight which wrecker is dependable. It is also prudent to go with the well-known names in the business as much as possible.

2. Contact More Than One

Once you shortlist a few car wreckers in your area, contact at least two or three, then filter them to one. Call or visit the wreckers personally and check a few things. The following is a good start:

• Background and history.
Work permits and licences.
• Communication and customer service.
• Their professionalism.
• Sources of their parts and their methodology.

3. Compare Prices and Items

After getting the prices of car parts from different wreckers, do a systematic comparison of the parts that you need to buy. Base your decision on pre-determined criteria, such as your budget and part performance. Keep in mind that the price of the part should not be the only consideration; sometimes you can find a part that is so cheap but does not perform well, or defective.

Follow these tips and rest assured that you would get the best genuine car part from a reliable car wrecker in your location.